Philosophy & Symbiosis

Passion reflected in an elegant, well-structured aestetics, with functional, variable design, is the trademark of the interior-art of 3 D Intelligent Interior.
The furniture and the interior design of 3 D Intelligent Interior obtain its exceptional clarity and space formative presence of the symbiosis of fused functionalities and the integration of different materials in –one- design project.



Gerhard Uhlenbruck


3 D Intelligent Interior offers customized furniture and unique art interior. Custom-build according to your
specific requirements in size, facilities and your prefered decor.
Each individual piece is produced with a lot of passion to every single detail.


We offer our products in two ways
directly and through selected partners - without intermediate storage - and always to the same conditions.



The charm of ugliness

The ideal form

Design influences every part of our life and is omnipresent. Every object designed has a tangible, material aspect, a use and usefulness and a more abstract, non-material aspect: an artistic dimension - an aesthetic, symbolic function.
What is ugly and what is beautiful?
Who defines what is beautiful and what should be seen as such?
Is design 'good' if it not only works but also gives us pleasure, consciously or subconsciously?
Design does not deal with such subjective issues. Design is concerned  with the functions and statements of other objects while respecting the fundamental right to bad taste.
Design is creation. And to create always entails responsibility, a sort of inner attitude.
If contemporary design is wholly convincing it usually reflects the influence of forerunner genius, coupled with creativity and innovation..
What matters to me is a sense of order, combined with timelessness and functional elegance which can redefine our living space anew.




Sustainability and conserving resources

We strongly believe that our environment is our most important asset and that it is our duty to preserve it for generations to come. 3 D Intelligent Interior is acutely aware of its responsibility, particularly since most of our manufacturing components are natural materials.
We view it as an obligation to make sustainable and sparing use of natural resources, which is how 3 D Intelligent Interior makes an active contribution to conserving nature and to climate protection.
Investing in renewable sources of energy is an additional approach to conservation.